Sunday, October 28, 2012

WOW!!! We are so busy!

 The last week we were off track and the first week we came back on we: 
1. Had a Safety presentation from a Grand Master in Karate...he has multiple black belts!
2. We filled our bean jar! We are so well behaved that people give us complements. Since we filled the jar, we earned a party...there was even some crazy dancing!
3. Some students created models of Native American dwellings while they were off track! They look so cool and we love having them displayed in our classroom!
4. We came back on track and jumped right back into math...just look at what we can do!
5. Tweet! We have a twitter board in our room. Those students who have job responsibilities are the twitter writers. They write funny things like, "I like cheese!" but also write about what they enjoyed like, "That Halloween party was so much fun!". I hope the twitter wall provides some more meaningful writing opportunities in the classroom!

** I couldn't arrange the pictures in order of my list easily and I was very tired, but the pictures are too cute not to be shown! Enjoy seeing what we are up to!"

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