Sunday, May 12, 2013

Antelope Island

A field trip is one of the most memorable events of any school year! Antelope Island and our visit to Garr Ranch was RAD! We crossed over a land bridge over the mysteriously beautiful Great Salt Lake and reached Antelope Island.  We saw antelope and bison roaming freely and pelicans soaring high over head. We reached the ranch and we spun wool, weaved a blanket, made bricks, built a wall with bricks, made a pioneer ring out of horse shoe nails, did a pioneer child's chore of picking up sticks after a windstorm (because the saw broke and we couldn't do the wood cutting station) and raced each other in gunny sacks. We finished the day eating lunch in the grove of trees. The weather couldn't have been more perfect! Thank you to our amazing parent volunteers who worked hard to make the day a success!
Here is a LOT of photos and one hilarious video!

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Sunday, May 5, 2013


Melissa Hastings!!!! 
Student Teacher of the Year!

I must have won the lottery! Not only is Mrs. Hastings a very intelligent, creative, and energetic teacher, she is also funny and nice! I love that I get to help her learn the how to teach, engage, and manage a classroom and

she also has already taught me a lot! She will be teaching in our class until the end of the school year. Parents, please come in and meet Mrs. Hastings if you are able to and be sure to ask your students about our new friend in the classroom!

You Knocked My Socks Off!!!

Thank you so much for an amazing teacher appreciation week! You all helped make me feel so special all week. I loved the way the bungalow was decorated. Thanks Janet and Steven for working so hard and decorating our room inside and out in bungalow style! I was overwhelmed by all of the notes, the art work you made for me, the lovely flowers, and all of the goodies and gifts! Thanks for not thinking I was too rude when I opened up the bag of Terra Chips in class...they were staring me down and begging to be eating! I couldn't resist! In addition to your sweet gestures, the PTA did some lovely things as well! Does anyone have a recipe for the breakfast casserole? It was delicious! You really "Knocked my socks off!" with your kindness! I love being your teacher and feel I have the best class in the entire school!!!

I tried to get a picture of everything but I know I missed a few things! 
Thanks again for making me feel so special!

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{Knocked my socks off!}