Friday, August 31, 2012

Utah Stamps

 Stamp design is hard work, and we love it! After a discussion of what is needed on a stamp we put our creativity to work. I think the best thing about this project is every design idea was a correct design idea.
This is Kasen's work in progress. Many chose to make their stamp cost $.47 because in 1847 the Mormon Pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley. Besides choosing a cost for the stamp, students had to include the name of our beautiful state. The rest if the design was up to them. We talked about state symbols and some of the beautiful landscapes Utah provides. As you can see, Kasen chose our spectacular Wasatch Mountains.
Look at their concentration!

Careful work makes great art!

Everyone is doing their best! 
What a creative use of color!


These are turning out soooo well!

Look how great these turned out!

Utah IS beautiful and so is this artwork!

Proudly displayed...a few more will be hung when finished!

 Have a Safe & Fun Labor Day Weekend!
On TUESDAY we will be participating in a program called STEP EXPRESS. We will be doing the initial physical testing outside on the field and it will take around 1½ hours. Please come to school wearing comfortable clothes, tennis shoes, and sunscreen. Bring a water bottle. You may also
wear a hat to school on Tuesday. Secret Word
{stamp collector}

Friday, August 24, 2012

A Place of Honor!

Our class was chosen, along with Mrs. Mower's (4/C), to display some art work at the district office. Each month a different school is chosen to showcase some of their talented artists.

We gathered both classes together for an art lesson on Pablo Picasso. Our conversation consisted geometric words and analyzing the colors of the spectrum.

We decided to create portrait in the style of Picasso. We focused on scale and symmetry. We even measured our own faces. Once the faces were drawn in pencil, we traced our pencil lines in Sharpie we were committed! We added color using chalk (Was it ever messy! Thank goodness for baby wipes!)

We were able to display 30 student masterpieces on the District Office Auxillary Building bulletin board. It was so hard to choose as ALL of the students did such a nice job. The rest of the art work is on display in Mrs. Mower's bulletin board as she is off track.

Both Mrs. Mower and I are super impressed by how carefully the students worked. They should be very proud of their artwork and the "places of honor" that they are now displayed!

Secret password
{ Picasso }

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Can you guess who?

We created an art display for our bulletin board inside the school, just in time for Back to School Night. Ms. Bennight (4th grade) found the fun silhouette idea on Pinterest. 

 Their silhouette was drawn using an overhead projector. Then students filled their silhouette with hand drawn images of things that make them unique. Students choose hobbies, favorites, and interests to fill their "head". I added to the art project by making our display interactive. Students then made a flap that hides their name written in cursive. When you lift up the flap, you can see if you guessed the correct student. 

We have been receiving rave reviews. Mrs. Freeman (2nd grade) said our display was "eye candy"!  That sure made us giggle! I look forward to our wonderful artists and the creations we can share with others.

Can you guess who?

secret password
{ eye candy }

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Olympic Fever!!!

 Our class has it! Our country has it! It's Olympic fever! Our patriotic hearts fill with pride as we watch the world's finest athletes compete. To involve the students and connect this theme with our curriculum, we are designing charts to graph the medal results. Each group of 3-4 students chose which countries to follow. I was not surprised that all of the groups wanted to follow our favorite athletes from the United States of America! Here is some of their work...

This week's secret word
{ olympic }

Sunday, August 5, 2012

What a start to the year!

What a fun bunch we are in the bungalow! We had a great first full week of school. You all are such bright and kind students and I am excited to spend the year with you! 

Last Thursday, I was in a lot of pain when my back went out. I am sorry that happened and I sure hope it doesn't happen again any time soon! After a doctor's appointment and four hours at the physical therapist, I feel much better. I will be taking it slowly, but I will join you at school this Monday.

We will keep the same secret word as last week until we all get in the habit of checking the blog!
secret word { tubular }