Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doing Good

We get 
we buy
we unwrap...
we may even give a present or two, 
but do we really give with our hearts? 
I have heard from our class that many families are doing service projects at this time of year. 
For example,
Maurin's family hosts a party at a school for deaf students.
What a wonderful lesson to teach compassion and tolerance for others!

I attended a service event with my own children last Monday night. We tied blankets for children at Primary Children's hospital. It was a joy sitting with my boys and talking about why a child might need the blanket and what a comfort the blanket will bring them. My sons loved helping out and didn't want to stop! (sorry night!)

Well, there was extra material available and I told the coordinators that I knew some pretty wonderful kids who could lend a hand. Lucky for us, they thought it was a good idea for Bungalow 4 to lend a helping hand! 

Operation Blanket go started. First two of our wonderful volunteer moms (Sheila Jones & Julie Rigby...They are both super cute, but I forgot to take a picture of them working hard! Sorry!) came in and trimmed the fabric straight and cut the fringe.

Ask the rad kids in Bungalow 4 about their thoughts on our service project
 "Operation Blanket"

Secret Password

Onward Ho!

While studying Utah Pioneers we had a lot of fun! We read stories, made maps, sand songs and....
Thank you Natalie for leaving your wagon here at school so I could take a picture!
The process was involved. We gathered supplies, made the canvas and treated it to make it "waterproof", "nailed" the lumber together,  and constructed the wheels.
The only thing left would be to hitch up our yoke of oxen....but maybe the family pet will do? (haha! Just kidding! Do not bug your pet!)