Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Doing Good

We get 
we buy
we unwrap...
we may even give a present or two, 
but do we really give with our hearts? 
I have heard from our class that many families are doing service projects at this time of year. 
For example,
Maurin's family hosts a party at a school for deaf students.
What a wonderful lesson to teach compassion and tolerance for others!

I attended a service event with my own children last Monday night. We tied blankets for children at Primary Children's hospital. It was a joy sitting with my boys and talking about why a child might need the blanket and what a comfort the blanket will bring them. My sons loved helping out and didn't want to stop! (sorry night!)

Well, there was extra material available and I told the coordinators that I knew some pretty wonderful kids who could lend a hand. Lucky for us, they thought it was a good idea for Bungalow 4 to lend a helping hand! 

Operation Blanket go started. First two of our wonderful volunteer moms (Sheila Jones & Julie Rigby...They are both super cute, but I forgot to take a picture of them working hard! Sorry!) came in and trimmed the fabric straight and cut the fringe.

Ask the rad kids in Bungalow 4 about their thoughts on our service project
 "Operation Blanket"

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