Sunday, May 5, 2013

You Knocked My Socks Off!!!

Thank you so much for an amazing teacher appreciation week! You all helped make me feel so special all week. I loved the way the bungalow was decorated. Thanks Janet and Steven for working so hard and decorating our room inside and out in bungalow style! I was overwhelmed by all of the notes, the art work you made for me, the lovely flowers, and all of the goodies and gifts! Thanks for not thinking I was too rude when I opened up the bag of Terra Chips in class...they were staring me down and begging to be eating! I couldn't resist! In addition to your sweet gestures, the PTA did some lovely things as well! Does anyone have a recipe for the breakfast casserole? It was delicious! You really "Knocked my socks off!" with your kindness! I love being your teacher and feel I have the best class in the entire school!!!

I tried to get a picture of everything but I know I missed a few things! 
Thanks again for making me feel so special!

Secret password
{Knocked my socks off!}

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